Runs With Dogs

Runs With Dogs Pet Boarding

Runs With Dogs would like to welcome you to a different kind of dog boarding service.  Start with a friendly home environment.  Stir in some dog friends to hang out with.  Drop in some couches for them to sleep on.  Open a large backyard for them to explore.  Add your dog to the mix. And watch and care for them all as if they were my own.  Your friends will have the advantage of 20 years of pet management in single and multiple pet households and also seven years as a volunteer at the Houston SPCA. 


I provide conscientious and personal attention to your pet's needs such as the following:

      • Playing
      • Feeding
      • Sleeping
      • Security
      • Senior care
      • Medical prescriptions
      • Grooming
      • Walking
      • Running

Handling daily tasks for your pets such as health issues, exercise, dietary requirements, and bathroom maintenance can be inconvenient and perhaps overwhelming to your working friends and high school neighbors while you are away on vacation or business.  I can be that person you can count on 24/7 for your dog.  Having pets should not prevent you from taking that European vacation that you have been planning forever and it should not cause you anxiety once you have decided to go.  I would enjoy taking care of them with the complete understanding of how important they are in your life.

Please continue to review my web site for further information and email me or call if you have any questions. 




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